Know the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression

Postpartum depression (PPD) may be more than just depression or sadness, and it isn’t the same for every woman.

PPD symptoms can include any of the following:

Doctor Discussion Guide

If you experience any changes in your mood, talk to your doctor.

Your symptom checklist

While your planner may be filled with checklists, this one can make a difference. Track how you’re feeling during and after pregnancy.

It’s not all balloons and baby books

During this busy time, you’re doing everything from choosing a car seat and reading baby books to preparing a home for a new baby, so feeling restless, overly anxious, or overwhelmed about what’s to come may be expected.

But these can also be signs of PPD and are sometimes mistaken for the experiences of new motherhood. That’s why learning the signs and symptoms of PPD should be an important part of your baby preparation.